GPT-2 the Joker

Screenshot of GPT-2 the Joker web app

I created a bot which uses GPT-2 to generate question and answer jokes based on user input. A pretrained GPT-2 tokenizer and language model from the Hugging Face was fine-tuned on the jokes dataset from Kaggle. To serve the model, FastAPI with NGINX Unit was used for API and front-end service, Celery for handling task scheduling, and Redis as backend and broker for Celery.

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Hawker Food AI

Screenshot of Hawker Food AI web app

I created an image classifier that can recognise Singapore hawker food. My goal is to make photo archiving efforts for local food heritage easier and faster.

GitHub Repository | Presentation Slides | Web App Demo | Telegram bot

Subreddit Classifier

Using text classification, I created a model that classifies advice-seeking Reddit posts to either /r/personalfinance or /r/relationship_advice. My goal is to elicit faster and better replies by routing new posts to the most appropriate subreddit.

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I analyzed the result of an A/B test where the first gate in Cookie Cats was moved from level 30 to level 40. Using chi-squared test and bayesian analysis, I analyzed the impact on player retention.

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ACME Widget Failure Prediction

I developed binary classification models to predict failures of widgets and examine feature importances to identify strong predictors of failure. My findings can help ACME accelerate quality issue investigations to develop failure prevention strategies. Through fewer warranty claims and quality recalls, ACME can benefit from reduced operating costs.

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Predict West Nile Virus

I collaborated in a team of 3 to predict outbreaks of West Nile virus in mosquitos across Chicago. Our goal is to propose a cost-effective plan for pesticide deployment.

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